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Various electronic sources such as Westlaw Classic, WestlawNext, LexisNexis, FastCase, Bloomberg Law, Intelliconnect, ProQuest Legislative Insight and Practical Law Company are used in this electronic guide. The cost of accessing documents and treaties related to this guide depends in large part on your company`s negotiated pricing plan. However, if you have access to multiple options and want to compare prices, or if you`re in a small business and try to choose the resource you want to buy, read Kendall F. Svengalis legal Information Buyer`s Guide – Reference Manual, 2016 edition. This guide provides resources for three of the most important life cycle events of most start-ups: training, financing and exit strategies. This guide does not address employment rights, intellectual property rights, security or tax issues. Education involves the selection and formation of a business unit. Due to the strong growth of start-ups, this guide focuses on business creation. In terms of financing, the business is financed, usually by convertible bonds, fishing investors or even crowdfunding. Exit strategies often include transactions such as stock sales, asset sales or mergers.

How to access the EDGAR search: Enter edgar in the search bar. Select SEC EDGAR Filings, combined. Lexis Practical Guidance (click link on the left side of the screen or icon with 9 white dots in a square) (formerly Practical Advisor) Access to these commercial legal research services is limited. See Lexis Advance – WestlawNext. Note: Bloomberg and Westlaw contain some forms in their “practical” but not lexis sections. This guide was originally created to support the forensic research class advanced by Professor Diamond for the fall of 2012. The content of this guide should not be considered legal advice or a working product of MU law librarians. Although this is not a specific part of a research strategy, it is important to follow what is happening in the start-up world; This information can change the way provisions are designed or lead to new customers. This guide contains links to current sources of awareness.

These sources include information websites (free and subscription), video sites and event calendars. The creation, financing and sale of start-ups are transactions, which makes it very important to understand the transaction and that with good standard documents with explanations. Finding good examples of documents can also be the most difficult part of a new employee`s job. New employees will not know whether examples in a company`s system contain or exclude relevant provisions because they are not familiar with the documents. Even if the company has models, a new employee may not know how to adapt the model for the customer. This guide advances to provide new start-up practitioners with some resources to overcome these barriers, including secondary sources, primary sources, and sample documents and tools. The free website features EDGAR hardware contracts and a separate collection of clauses. It lacks the bells and whistles of high-priced databases, but it`s free! In 2014, she joined goodwin Procter LLP in Goodwin Procter LLP`s Silicon Valley office. Edition: 626-8023 Reference: 621-5455 E-mail: asklawlib@email.arizona.edu Michelle Wright Knoop graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law in May 2013. Michelle graduated in May 2013 with a bachelor`s degree in finance from the University of Missouri as part of a law degree.

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