MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

TMC – Episode 20

15. July, 2007


Seems like the series of Specials wouldn’t end, would it? Back to a regular episode now, providing you with a taste of what two Progressive giants have recently released. See it as a pretaste of what to expect when they hit the stage near you very soon. Although the focus lies again on new material, there’s one band that needs to keep the scales in balance and who could do it better than Savatage? A short trip back to the ’80s, so to speak. Progressive, Heavy, Power make up one part of the episode, while Gothic, Hard Rock and Black Metal fill in the other positions. Enjoy and while you’re at it, leave a comment. Better yet, join the forum and vent your thoughts on the episode and whatever more.

First song

Silver Fist with Martyr from the album “Tears Of Blood”

Second song

Savatage with Necrophilia from the album “Power Of The Night”

Third song

Domine with The Messenger from the album “Ancient Spirit Rising”

Fourth song

Svartahrid with Awake Or Vanish from the album “Sadness And Wrath”

Fifth song

Lilian Axe with Fields Of Yesterday from the album “Waters Rising”

Sixth song

Nightwish with End Of All Hope from the album “Century Child”

Seventh song

Symphony X with Seven from the album “Paradise Lost”

Eighth song

Seduced By Suicide with My Sweetest Choice from the album “Gothic Dream”

Ninth song

Dream Theater with Forsaken from the album “Systematic Chaos”

Episode 20 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster / Director
Kobe – Host / (too late with) Shownotes
Judith – News
Tim – Songs
Dylan, Polina, Marcus, Jonas – Backstage work