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TMC – Episode 16

12. May, 2007


We’ve had some great bands so far and with this episode it won’t be any different. Again you’ll hear a variety of styles (Power, Folk, Death, Thrash, …), get some latest news items and last but not least: a Laaz Rockit interview, originally for Thoughts Of Metal, where you can read the text version. Vocalist Michael Coons was very much willing enough to answer some questions regarding the reunion of the band, their history, the re-releasing of the band’s first four albums and more. The interview took place when the band was in Eeklo, Belgium, where they headlined a wonderful afternoon/evening of Thrash. Enjoy the show and as always, leave your comments, spread the word and feel free to join the forum for more interaction.

First song

Kamelot – Ghost Opera from the single “Ghost Opera”

Second song

Thanatoschizo – Slow-Chamber Candles’ Choir from the album “InsomniousNightLift”

Third song

Therion – Megalomania from the album “Of Darkness”

Fourth song

Belgian Asociality – Money Prosit/Abzorba, Den Organisator from the album “Astamblief”

Fifth song

Masterplan – Take Me Over from the album “MKII”

Sixth song

Laaz Rockit – Fire In The Hole from the album “Annihilation Principle”

Seventh song

Laaz Rockit – Shot To Hell from the album “Know Your Enemy”

Eighth song

Krisiun – Rites of Defamation from the album “Apocalyptic Revelation”

Ninth song

Stream Of Passion – Haunted from the album “Embrace The Storm”

Tenth song

Elvenking – Seasonspeech from the album “Heathenreal”

Episode 16 Crew

Karsten – Director/Webmaster
Kobe – Host/Shownotes
Tim – Interview
Judith – News
Marcus/Dylan/Polina/Jonas – Backstage work