TMC – Episode 3

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The TMC team presents to you, the THIRD episode of The Metal Cast! Featuring this week Steve from Power Quest!!! This show has extra features added such as ‘The Black List’ and special biographies on particular metal musicians! As well as some underground metal bands! So tune in and check it out!


First song

Illdisposed – Our Heroin Recess from the album Burn Me Wicked

Illdisposed - Burn Me Wicked


Second song

The Haunted – My Shadow from the album rEVOLVEr

The Haunted Revolver


Third Song

Contradiction – The Warchitect from the album The Warchitect

Contradiction - The Warchitect


Fourth song

Avantasia – Avantasia from the album Avantasia



Fifth song

Power Quest – Sacred Land from the album Neverworld



Outro songs

Meadows End – My Leading Command from the album Dead Calm Rise
Morbid Remains – Through Dead Cold Eyes from the album Hope
Spearhead – Mors Triumphalis from the album When The Pillars Fall

Episode 3 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster
Kobe – Host/DJ/Blacklist
Nick – Director/Review/Interview
Judith – News
Polina – Biography
Marcus – Interview
Tim – Review/News research
Robin – Custom music

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  1. Manso says:

    YEah! Really good job,P.Q!
    i realy hope the day that i can play a good show with power quest…the day tha i can go to UK!
    i´m a fan of this band,from brasil!!

    hail guys!

    and take care!

  2. Ashmedai says:

    Hello again, first, what a great choice for an opening song… I love Illdisposed new album. Rock on. The “My Shadow” song was maybe too long and mellow for a radio-show, but I guess its my music-opinion. Second, the Sagment about Tobby was a nice new addition – very interesting to know. Still had some volume problems here… but I guess it will grow better over time.

  3. Nick says:

    Thankyou! Be sure to tell your friends about us! 😀

  4. vixee says:

    Pretty good, looks to be improving each metal cast! Good work! 😀

  5. masterveecee says:

    I love the smileys!

    The banner on top is also very nice ❗

  6. Nick says:

    Awesome new smiley set, love it! :mrgreen: 😎

    This one is familiar ❓

  7. karsten says:

    😉 just hope u like the new smilie set

  8. karsten says:


  9. Tharos says:

    Enjoy people!

  10. Camilo says:

    Great again and again a big step forward compared to previous editions. 🙂 Keep it up!

  11. Camilo says:

    Great job!! I’m gladly impressed 😀

  12. Camilo says:

    Yep… it keeps getting better each time. Bravo! 🙂

  13. masterveecee says:

    Nice episode! much better difference between the music and the speaking-volume (;) @ Nick). I just once changed my volume, just to start listening 🙂

    I like PowerQuest btw, thanks to introduce me with that band!!!

  14. The Barbarian says:

    Nice job! 🙂

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