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Tarja Q&A Session

12. September, 2010

Hey! :teeth
Polina here. On Aug 08 I was fortunate to attend the first playback of Tarja’s new album What Lies Beneath, organised by Spinefarm UK and hosted by Universal Music, here in London. Needless to say, this was quite an exciting experience! So many times have I walked past Universal building, thinking of how awesome it would be to get inside on some special occasion haha. It didn’t take too long for the thought to materialise!
Talking about the event itself, first we were played Tarja’s new album, which is in my opining a great step forward since My Winter Storm! … then followed a Q&A session with the charming Tarja Turunen herself. It was very relaxed and informal, no tables with mics and stuff, which you normally see at press conferences. :sign Ha! the only downside of it is that the recording turned out really quiet, so make sure to turn the volume up when listening to it in a minute. 😉

Now please enjoy the “interview” and see you in Shepherd’s Bush Empire on October 13, when Tarja’s back in London with new songs! For more dates please go to

Click here for the interview/press conference.