15 movies to check in 2012…

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Ace Attorney – Gyakuten saiban Country: Japan Directed by: Takashi Miike Genre: Comedy/ Crime/ Drama IMDB: Details: Takashi Miike is releasing more movies. It’s unbelievable how Miike is so prolific, directing about two (or more) movies per year. Here’s the plot: “Based … read more


The 2011 Best Movies…

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Keeping the tradition 😉 Some were released in 2010, but only available to me in 2011 🙂 This may contain minor spoilers… Please, at least check it, it took me more than an hour, heheh 😀 Akmareul boatda Country: South Korea Directed by: … read more


Movie Suggestion IX – The Man from Nowhere

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Original Title: Ajeossi South Korea – 2010 Directed by: Jeong-beom Lee   With: Bin Won (Mother and Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War)   Tagline: Should have left him alone   Plot: “Tae-shik’s only connection to the rest of the world is … read more


The 2010 best movies…

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Best 2010 movies*:
*meaning movies I saw at the cinema which were released in 2010 and not necessarily made in the mentioned year ;-). A personal list, of course 🙂
The list is alphabetically arranged:


Movie Suggestion IV: Un Prophète

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Whenever I think about a movie to suggest one of my concerns is that people don’t feel “attacked” or “insulted” because of the film’s ideas or backgrounds.