Episode 97 – Love Special

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Episode CoverRemember episode 69? Well, this time it’s a little different, somehow, and we titled it the Love Special. And surprise, surprise, it’s not always the Hard Rock bands that have to deliver such kinds of songs, as e.g. Kalmah, Strapping Young Lad and Draconian proove. Love is a universal issue and can be dealt with in any kind of … non-mainstream music. And considering it’s the Valentine weekend, it’s a coincidence we made this episode. Sort of. And before I forget, we added a new element, starting with this episode. Enjoy, spread the love and let us know your findings.

Host: Polina
Tracklist: Tim, Judit, Polina
Movie of the week: Marcus

01. Masterplan – Through Thick And Thin (buy)
02. Strapping Young Lad – Love? (buy)
03. Thunder – Everybody Wants Her (buy)
04. Doro – Heaven I See (buy)
05. Shakra – The One (buy)
06. Kalmah – Moon Of My Nights (buy)
07. Ayreon – Love (buy)
08. Draconian – She Dies (buy)
09. At Vance – Princess Of Ice (buy)
10. H.E.A.T. – Late Night Lady

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  1. Mighty Jhon says:

    😆 I loved “Everybody Wants Her” that’s exactly what’s going on with a girl I know (und Ich mag so viel) KoOl episode :thumpsup

  2. Morris says:

    I’m liking the new movie feature! I see its available from Amazon too.
    Also enjoyed the SYL and Draconian tracks. Thanks again, guys and gal.

  3. Polina says:

    Thank you Tim 😀 lol it’s kind of funny – “natural” as a noun in Russian means straight 😛 which is true anyway hahahha

    Marcus, I’m sure you can 😛 I was joking hahah.
    and lol :mrgreen: how did you like Metro Goldwyn [b]Marcus[/b]? Karsten: 😆

    ❗ really enjoyed recording the hosting and totally love the tracklist!
    oh btw 😛 😀 H.E.A.T got to the finals of the Melodifestivalen contest!!! ➡ 💡
    Couldn’t help sharing my joy about their achievment 😛

  4. Marcus says:

    Outstanding episode. I really enjoyed it. Hope you guys like the new features and suggestions. Pol, I can be romantic :D, but really, it’s nice to have some different views of love 😛

  5. TechThing says:

    Oh yes, another ❗

    I do wish to apologize for the small error: the Draconian album “The Burning Halo” contains a cover of the Dutch band Ekseption and one of Pentagram, not two Pentagram songs. The titles are “On Sunday They Will Kill The World” (Ekseption) and “Forever My Queen” (Pentagram).

    And Pol, you get better each time. 💡 You’re a natural.

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