MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 96

7. February, 2009

Episode Cover2009 has started well and so far some interesting releases are already available (Kreator, Saxon, …). At the same time it’s a nice experience to hear what the (recent) past has given us. While episode 95 contained a large dose of extremer Metal, you’ll find a better balanced list this time, with more melody. Sadly, no third time in a row for Polina, who chose to hand over the mic to our sympathetic Brazilian, Marcus. Any (constructive) criticism regarding the change of host or song selection can be posted in the usual places. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

Host: Marcus
Tracklist: Marcus, Tim, Judit, Polina

01. Saxon – Demon Sweeny Todd (buy)
02. Heaven’s Basement – Tear Your Heart Out
03. After Forever – Evoke (buy)
04. Kreator – Hordes Of Chaos (buy)
05. Six Magics – Caleuche (The Flying Dutchman)
06. Diabolical Masquerade – All Onboard the Perdition Hearze! (buy)
07. Silent Kingdom – Behold The Mountains
08. Hantaoma – Vent Follet (buy)
09. While Heaven Wept – Voice in the Wind (buy)
10. Miasthenia – Idolatrias (buy)