Episode 95

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Episode CoverAs you all loved the voice of our beloved Polina, she was given the opportunity to continue this task and you can be sure she will guide you through this buffet of spiced tunes as smoothly as before. Melody and aggressiveness in the mix, excellent for those who need to stay awake or want to get rid of everyday stress or just want to have a pleasant time. As usual, keep those comments coming, and we would even be more grateful if you helped in keeping this Metal Cast alive by either donating or buying albums via the Amazon links on the website. We wholeheartedly thank you in advance and hope you’ll have a great time.

Host: Polina
Tracklist: Marcus, Tim, Judit, Polina

01. Persuader – Godfather (buy)
02. Hermh – Sin is the Law (buy)
03. Ador Dorath – Garden Of Earthly Pleasure
04. Saratoga – Gran Mago (buy)
05. Amorphis – The Smoke (buy)
06. Reckless Tide – Self Destruct (buy)
07. Promises Lie – Point Of Existence
08. Gojira – The Art of Dying (buy)
09. Arkona – Sva (buy)
10. Vomitory – Gore Apocalypse (buy)

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  1. dizzwave says:

    Great episode! I like the extremer stuff. 🙂

  2. Morris says:

    Really good episode!

    Will definitely be checking out more from Ador Dorath. They certainly have a unique sound.
    Arkona is terrific too. I’m a big fan of Russian Metal so please keep more coming…

    And awesome work as usual, Polina! ❗

  3. TechThing says:

    ❗ Go, Pol! 💡

    Marcus, you never cease to amaze me with your Black Metal bands. Although it’s not always my cup of tea (= to be played very regularly), I mostly do like ’em, even if it depends on the moment.

  4. Marcus says:

    Thanks a lot for the support, indeed we try to work our best, but there’s always room to improvement. Anyways, check out the new ways of supporting this show, such as when you buy at Amazon, buy through the links we provide. It won’t cost you anything more and will help us 😉

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. jscottwatson says:

    Persuader is amazing! Lots of power. I’ll definitely be checking them out further.

    Saratoga’s singer reminds me of Michael Vescera. Rockin’.

    Arkona was a nice surprise! I love those harmonies and mix of diverse styles.

    Even the more extreme metal here is interesting. It pushes the boundaries of what I typically listen to and that’s a good thing.

    I always enjoy each MetalCast episode! Thanks again for all of your great efforts to further the cause of metal! 😀

  6. karsten says:

    hard stuff this week 😛

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