MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 88

7. December, 2008

This week, Tim has gotten a little vacation time, and left the song picking to the rest. And I, Kobe, took this advantage to showcase some of the latest purchases I made. Be prepared for some extreme, progressive and just simply weird metal! Ofcourse, this is not only my episode, so you have 3 excellent songs from Marcus and Judith to counter my weirdness! Well, maybe Marcus his songs won’t succeed in that, but you all know Marcus.

First song

Band: Mastodon
Song: The Wolf Is Loose
Album: Blood Mountain
Website Mastodon MySpace Mastodon Wikipedia Mastodon

Second song

Band: Toxic Holocaust
Song: Nuke the Cross
Album: An Overdose of Death…
MySpace Toxic Holocaust

Third song

Band: Unexpect
Song: Feasting Fools
Album: In A Flesh Aquarium
Website Unexpect Wikipedia Unexpect

Fourth song

Band: Oceans Of Sadness
Song: Roulette
Album: The Arrogance Of Ignorance
Website Oceans Of Sadness MySpace Oceans Of Sadness

Fifth song

Band: Alarum
Song: Velocity
Album: Eventuality
Website Alarum Wikipedia Alarum

Sixth song

Band: Royal Hunt
Song: The First Rock
Album: Paradox 2… Collision Course
Website Royal Hunt

Seventh song

Band: Sigh
Song: Inked In Blood
Album: Hangman’s Hymn
Website Sigh MySpace Sigh Wikipedia Sigh

Eighth song

Band: Meshuggah
Song: Concatenation
Album: Chaosphere
Website Meshuggah MySpace Meshuggah Wikipedia Meshuggah
Ninth song

Band: At The Gates
Song: Slaughter Of The Soul
Album: Slaughter Of The Soul
Website At The Gates MySpace At The Gates Wikipedia At The Gates

Tenth song

Band: Taake
Song: Atternatt
Album: Taake
Website Taake


Episode 88 Crew

Marcus / Judit – Songs
Kobe – Host / Songs / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director