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Episode 84 – Technical Death Metal Special

9. November, 2008

Once again we got a request from one of our listeners, hpizarro. Theme: Technical Death Metal. The Death Metal genre contains lots of bands, one more brutal than the other. Brutality is key, for it wouldn’t be called Death Metal if the music wasn’t like a ferocious storm. But it’s the technicality of the guitars and drums that make several bands stand out from the rest of the pack and give an interesting view on this Metal style. In short: Extreme pleasure! Be sure to put your seatbelt on.


First song

Band: Anata
Song: Complete Demise
Album: The Conductor’s Departure
Website Anata


Second song

Band: Death
Song: Misanthrope
Album: Symbolic
Website Death


Third song

Band: Yattering
Song: Exterminate
Album: Murder’s Concept
MySpace Yattering
Fourth song

Band: Spawn Of Possession
Song: Eve Of Contempt
Album: Noctambulant
Website Spawn Of Possession
Fifth song

Band: Cynic
Song: Uroboric Forms
Album: Focus
Website Cynic
Sixth song

Band: Vital Remains
Song: Dechristianize
Album: Dechristianize
MySpace Vital Remains
Seventh song

Band: Suffocation
Song: Surgery Of Impalement
Album: Souls To Deny
Website Suffocation
Eighth song

Band: Atheïst
Song: Air
Album: Elements
Website Atheïst
Ninth song

Band: Martyr
Song: Havoc
Album: Feeding the Abscess
MySpace Martyr
Tenth song

Band: Nile
Song: Cast Down The Heretic
Album: Annihilation Of Wicked
Website Nile

Episode 84 Crew

Marcus / Tim – Songs
Kobe – Host / Songs / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director