Episode 74 – Oliver Hartmann

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Band Specials are one thing, Artist Specials another. We honoured Mats Levén previously and now it’s time for another great vocalist who’s been doing a great job the past 10 years: Oliver Hartmann. Not only do we put his solo works in the spotlights, but also a few of the bands he did backing vocals for and the band that catapulted him into stardom: At Vance. Enjoy and be amazed by this man’s capacities.

First song

Band: Hartmann
Song: Coming Home To You
Album: Home
Website Hartmann

Second song

Band: Aina
Song: Revelations
Album: Days Of A Rising Doom
No Website

Third song

Band: Empty Tremor
Song: A New World
Album: The Alien Inside
MySpace Empty Tremor

Fourth song

Band: Avantasia
Song: I Don’t Believe In Your Love
Album: The Scarecrow
Website Avantasia

Fifth song

Band: Hartmann
Song: Out In The Cold
Album: Out In The Cold
Website Hartmann

Sixth song

Band: Genius
Song: There’s A Human
Album: A Human Into Dreams World
Website Genius

Seventh song

Band: Avantasia
Song: Glory Of Rome
Album: Metal Opera Part 1
Website Avantasia

Eighth song

Band: At Vance
Song: Only Human
Album: Only Human
Website At Vance
Ninth song

Band: Rhapsody
Song: The Rain Of A Thousand Flames
Album: The Rain Of A Thousand Flames
Website Rhapsody

Tenth song

Band: Hartmann
Song: Millionaire
Album: Home
Website Hartmann


Episode 74 Crew

Tim – Song / Review
Polina – Host / Songs
Kobe – Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director

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  1. TechThing says:

    Very nice EP. ❗

    Thanks, Marcus, but somehow I feel I’ve done it a bit too fast. Oh well… better next time? 😕 😛

  2. karsten says:

    I agree Marcus 😉

  3. Marcus says:

    And review too, Tim ❗

  4. Marcus says:

    Cool episode and interview, Polina!

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