MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 72

10. August, 2008

We had planned something special, another dedicated episode, but due to supernatural powers this has been postponed until further order. Instead you get another slab of diverse and outstanding Metal, soft vs hard, slow vs fast. So sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.

line.gif First song

Band: Nightmare
Song: Forsaken Child
Album: Genetic Disorder
Website Nightmare

line.gif Second song

Band: Death
Song: The Philosopher
Album: Individual Thought Patterns
Website Death

line.gif Third song

Band: Battlelore
Song: Ocean’s Elysium
Album: Evernight
Website Battlelore

line.gif Fourth song

Band: Malevolent Creation
Song: Buried In A Nameless Grave
Album: Doomsday X
Website Malevolent Creation

line.gif Fifth song

Band: Gary Moore
Song: Running From the Storm
Album: After The War
Website Gary Moore

line.gif Sixth song

Band: Menhir
Song: Winter
Album: Die Ewigen Steine
Website Menhir

line.gif Seventh song

Band: Deströyer 666
Song: The Calling
Album: Cold Steel… For an Iron Age
Website Deströyer 666

line.gif Eighth song

Band: Saturnus
Song: Noir
Album: Martyre
Website Saturnus

line.gif Ninth song

Band: Volbeat
Song: The human Instrument
Album: Rock The Rebl / Metal The Devil
Website Volbeat

line.gif Tenth song

Band: Cloven Hoof
Song: Whore Of Babylon
Album: Eye Of The Sun
Website Cloven Hoof


Episode 72 Crew

Marcus / Tim – Songs
Kobe – Host / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director / Songs