MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 69

6. July, 2008

Ok, folks, last episode before our (short) summer break. 69, the number of you-know-what. 😀 So, to make this temporary leave extra special, we took some songs that fit in this context. There are lots of love-related songs in Metal, for the more hardcore ones it’s less easy to find them, but we succeeded. :beer: No parental advisory here, though. :lala: Enjoy and have a great summer!

First song

Band: Savatage
Song: Hard For Love
Album: Power Of The Night
Website Savatage

Second song

Band: Doro
Song: Do You Like It
Album: Love Me In Black
Website Doro

Third song

Band: Lacrimosa
Song: Liebesspiel
Album: Fassade
Website Lacrimosa

Fourth song

Band: Edguy
Song: Lavatory Love Machine
Album: Hellfire Club
Website Edguy

Fifth song

Band: Dark Funeral
Song: Goddess of Sodomy
Album: Diabolis Interium
Website Dark Funeral

Sixth song

Band: Tenacious D
Song: Fuck Her Gently
Album: Tenacious D
Website Tenacious D

Seventh song

Band: Nightwish
Song: She Is My Sin
Album: Wishmaster
Website Nightwish

Eighth song

Band: Overloaded
Song: Ride That Feeling
Album: Regeneration
Website Overloaded

Ninth song

Band: Absolute Steel
Song: High Heels And Fishnet Stockings
Album: Womanizer
Website Absolute Steel

Tenth song

Band: Beethoven R
Song: El Guardian De Tú Piel
Album: Un Poco Mas
Website Beethoven R


Episode 69 Crew

Marcus / Tim / Judit / Polina – Songs
Kobe – Host / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director