MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 68 – Canadian Metal

29. June, 2008

Canada is the world’s second largest country by total area and occupies the biggest part of North America. Several hundred of years ago the French occupied certain parts, later the British took over. Both languages are still in use. Metalwise there’s material for everyone’s taste, from Power to Thrash, Death to Progressive. As usual we tried to select various styles with big and less big names. Enjoy!

First song

Band: Kataklysm
Song: Chains Of Power
Album: Prevail
Website Kataklysm

Second song

Band: Strapping Young Lad
Song: Far Beyond Metal
Album: The New Black
Website Strapping Young Lad

Third song

Band: Forgotten Tales
Song: Pagan Chronicles Part III – All The Sinners
Album: All the Sinners
Website Forgotten Tales

Fourth song

Band: Quo Vadis
Song: Silence Calls the Storm
Album: Defiant Imagination
Website Quo Vadis

Fifth song

Band: Voivod
Song: The X-Stream
Album: Katorz
Website Voivod

Sixth song

Band: Cryptopsy
Song: The Frantic Pace Of Dying
Album: Once Was Not
Website Cryptopsy

Seventh song

Band: Gates Of Winter
Song: Winter Flight
Album: Lux Aeterna
Website Gates Of Winter

Eighth song

Band: Eidolon
Song: Spirit Sanctuary
Album: The Parallel Otherworld
Website Eidolon

Ninth song

Band: Unexpect
Song: The Shiver – A Clown’s Mindtrap
Album: In a Flesh Aquarium
Website Unexpect

Tenth song

Band: 3 Inches of Blood
Song: Wykydtron
Album: Advance and Vanquish
Website 3 Inches of Blood


Episode 68 Crew

Marcus / Tim – Songs
Polina – Host / Songs
Kobe – Host / Songs / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director