MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 65

8. June, 2008

The Metal Cast is more than Specials. Diversity – especially in the playlist – is one of our key criteria and therefore we present you another normal episode, filled with the different flavours you can expect from us. It’s been ages since we had another CD review, but this time that gap has been filled again. For how long… remains undetermined. As usual, enjoy and support Metal!

First song

Band: Pagan’s Mind
Song: Through Osiris’ Eyes
Album: Celestial Entrance

Second song

Band: Bereavement
Song: Axis
Album: The Advent of Loss

Third song

Band: Catharsis
Song: Igni et Ferro
Album: Dea & Febris Erotica

Fourth song

Band: Hollenthon
Song: On The Wings Of A Dove
Album: Opus Magnum

Fifth song

Band: Lunarium
Song: Warcry
Album: Journeys, Fables And Lore

Sixth song

Band: Lunarium
Song: Trollslayer
Album: Journeys, Fables And Lore

Seventh song

Band: Asteroid
Song: The Big Trip Beyond
Album: Asteroid & Blowback

Eighth song

Band: Suffocation
Song: Torn Into Enthrallment
Album: Pierced From Within

Ninth song

Band: Running Wild
Song: Raw Ride
Album: Under Jolly Roger

Tenth song

Band: Agalloch
Song: …and the Great Cold Death of the Earth
Album: The Mantle


Episode 65 Crew

Marcus / Polina / Judit – Songs
Tim – Review / Songs
Kobe – Host / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director / Song