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Episode 63 – Brazilian Metal Special

25. May, 2008

Episode 63 features another Nation Special. This time The MetalCast has focused on Brazilian Metal bands, a country widely known for its wild audience. Brazil’s metal scene isn’t only formed by Sepultura, Krisiun or Angra. This country has a lot to offer when it comes to qualitative metal. We tried to cover most of metal styles, from Power to Black, including Death, Thrash, Gothic, Doom and Heavy, trying to show you new bands and not only the famous ones. As usual, we hope that you enjoy this episode.

First song

Band: Tuatha de Danann
Song: Lover Of The Queen
Album: Trova di Danú

Second song

Band: Miasthenia
Song: Necromânticos Ritos De Guerra
Album: Batalha Ritual

Third song

Band: Dr. Sin
Song: Drowing In Sin
Album: Bravo

Fourth song

Band: Darkest Hate Warfront
Song: Triumph of Blood
Album: The Aftermath

Fifth song

Band: Hibria
Song: A Kingdom to Share
Album: Defying the Rules

Sixth song

Band: Vougan
Song: Endless Nightmare
Album: Mind Exceeding

Seventh song

Band: Sepultura
Song: Stronger Than Hate
Album: Beneath the Remains

Eighth song

Band: Seduced by Suicide
Song: My Best Just for You
Album: My Best Just for You

Ninth song

Band: Claustrofobia
Song: Necessary Evil (Napalm Death cover)
Album: Fulminant

Tenth song

Band: Evilwar
Song: Eternal Master of Darkness
Album: Bleeding in the Shades of Baphomet

Eleventh song

Band: Stormental
Song: Unleashing the Madness
Album: Unleashing the Madness

Twelvth song

Band: Mythological Cold Towers
Song: When the Solstice Reaches the Apogee
Album: The Vanished Pantheon


Episode 63 Crew

Marcus – Host / All Songs / All Info
Kobe – Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director