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Episode 59 – B-Side Special

27. April, 2008

Time for another Special! Apart from the regular studio albums, bands sometimes release EPs or singles with other songs or different versions of existing songs. Since not everyone has knowledge about such releases – one can’t keep an eye on everything, right? – we present you with a first Special about these so-called ‘B-side’ songs. Enjoy! Should you have suggestions for a next B-side Special, don’t hesitate to leave a message here or on the forum.

First song

Band: Luca Turilli
Song: Black Realms Majesty
Album: Demonheart (Single)

Second song

Band: Nightwish
Song: Nightquest
Album: Walking In The Air (Single)

Third song

Band: Einherjer
Song: Far Far North
Album: Far Far North (EP)

Fourth song

Band: Immolation
Song: The Condemned
Album: Horror And Hope (EP)

Fifth song

Band: Edguy
Song: Life And Times Of A Bonus Track
Album: King Of Fools (EP)

Sixth song

Band: Amorphis
Song: Moon and Sun Pt II: North’s Son
Album: Black Winter Day (EP)

Seventh song

Band: Angra
Song: Caca E Cacador
Album: Hunters And Prey (EP)

Eighth song

Band: Novembers Doom
Song: For Every Leaf That Falls
Album: For Every Leaf That Falls (EP)

Ninth song

Band: Metallica
Song: Hero Of The Day Remix
Album: Hero Of The Day (Single)

Tenth song

Band: Summoning
Song: Flesh and Blood
Album: Nightshade Forests (EP)


Episode 59 Crew

Marcus / Tim / Polina – Songs
Kobe – Host / Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director / Song