Episode 51 – Female Fronted Special

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One of our listeners, who goes by the nickname Elf.lady, launched the idea of us doing a Female-fronted Special. There’s of course a lot to choose from and again we managed to gather material that put the female vocalist in the spotlights. No duos, no beauty-and-the-beast singing. Female-fronted = females only. On top of that we (well, Kobe) managed to interview upcoming talent from Belgium: Bliksem (= Lightning). Enjoy the show and keep on sending your comments and suggestions.

First songwhite-skull.jpg

Band: White Skull
Song: The Roman Empire
Album: Public Glory, Secret Agony

Second songbenedictum.jpg

Band: Benedictum
Song: Beast In The Field
Album: Seasons Of Tragedy

Third songangtoria.jpg

Band: Angtoria
Song: The Addiction
Album: God Has A Plan For Us All

Fourth songbeautifull-sin.jpg

Band: Beautiful Sin
Song: The Spark Of Ignition
Album: The Unexpected

Fifth songbliksem.jpg

Band: Bliksem
Song: Electricity Kills
Album: Demo

Sixth songdelphian.jpg

Band: Delphian
Song: Starting To Unravel
Album: Unravel

Seventh songstreben.jpg

Band: Streben
Song: From Empyrean to Sorrow Wasteland
Album: Promo 2008

Eighth songlucaturillisdreamquest.jpg

Band: Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest
Song: Dreamquest
Album: Lost Horizons

Ninth songsadhara.jpg

Band: Sadhara
Song: Bliss
Album: To Hell, With Sympathy

Tenth songdoro.jpg

Band: Doro
Song: Haunted Heart
Album: Warrior Soul


Episode 51 Crew

Marcus / Tim – Songs
Judit – Songs
Kobe – Host / Song / Shownotes / Interview
Karsten – Webmaster / Director

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  1. Polina says:

    forgot the quotes 😛

  2. Polina says:

    Finally got time to listen! Excellent so far! ❗
    Women on top. ooh yeah! 😆 :mrgreen:
    Kobe you are awesome! hilarious! 😛

  3. Kobe says:

    Thanks alot Linda! I enjoyed the interview, but Peggy (yeah, correct 😉 ) was very nervous and kept turning away from the mic, luckily Karsten could fix that. 😀

  4. Linda says:

    Great episode and awesome job on your first interview. Sounds like you both enjoyed it. Just remember next time to offer refreshments…LOL
    Lots of new friends there. I have a bad habit of ignoring female fronted bands, because, as Peggy(?) said, so many of them do the gothic operatic singing. Or they do the Celine Dion thing and slide all up and down the scales instead of just singing it! Well, I guess you’re never too old to learn. I of course, knew about Doro from Warrior days, but I’ll be sure to look into a few of the others.
    Thanks again and great job!

  5. karsten says:

    hey Bobbie … there is still an option for Vol 2 😛

  6. Man, this looks awesome! Wish we could have been a part of it and helped you out with some interviews and music selections. Although you did chose a lot of great ones. I love Beautiful Sin, Angtoria and Benedictum! Rock on!

  7. Kobe says:

    Benedictum ❗
    White Skull ❗ ❗
    Sadhara ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗
    And ofcourse, Bliksem! ❗ ❗ ❗ My very first interview (ever) and had lots of fun doing it. It helps to know the person in front of you, ofcourse. Note to self: let the interviewee talk some more! Don’t interupt!

    That being said, great episode on the whole again. We definatly show not all female-fronted bands are of the operatic kind. I’m definatly going to check out the first three bands I mentioned!

    Episode 51 = ❗ ❗ ❗

  8. Marcus says:

    Once again another ❗ episode! Really nice!

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