Episode 47

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It seems it will be hard to top our French Special, seeing these kind of episodes are liked a lot. But that could also depend on the bands we added to the list. Getting back to business as usual now with a new regular episode, offering a mix of different Metal styles and not forgetting new stuff – e.g. Paradox (the renowned German Power/Thrash band), Isole (severe competition for Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and alike) and Degradead (the new In Flames?) – that came out the past few weeks. On top of that, we’ve got an exclusive interview with GRAVE DIGGER guitarist Manni Schmidt, conducted by our very own Marcus. So stick around for another load of qualitative Metal. icon_razz.gif

First songdreamaker.jpg

Band: Dreamaker
Song: Enclosed
Album: Enclosed

Second songbliss400.jpg

Band: Isole
Song: From Clouded Sky
Album: Bliss Of Solitude

Third songparadox.jpg

Band: Paradox
Song: Monument
Album: Electrify

Fourth songoutworld.jpg

Band: Outworld
Song: Purity
Album: To be announced

Fifth songgrave-digger.jpg

Band: Grave Digger
Song: Shadowland
Album: Liberty Or Death

Sixth songtil_death_do_us_apart.jpg

Band: Degradead
Song: Genetic Waste
Album: Til Death Do Us Apart

Seventh songmago-de-oz.jpg

Band: Mägo De Oz
Song: La Canción De Los Deseos
Album: La Ciudad De Los Arboles


Episode 47 Crew

Marcus – Host / Interview / Songs
Tim – Songs
Kobe – Shownotes
Karsten – Webmaster / Director

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  1. Linda says:

    I know. I’m late in listening. Had a good audiobook at work this last week. I did listen last night. Awesome show. Bunch of bands i’ve didn’t know and will check out. Grave Digger and Mago de Oz, I was familiar with, but the rest are new friends! I have the Liberty or Death cd. Excellent album. The interview was great. Marcus!!! Quit apologizing!!!! LOL You did great. Kobe, hope you are feeling better. Now time to download this week’s episode. Later.

  2. Marcus says:

    Thanks a lot.

    And indeed week after week we work to improve our shows, we are always trying to get new ideas to make the show more interesting, getting interviews with famous bands for the fans but also helping promoting lesser famous bands as well.

    This is a great work, as I said on this episode, we love being a part of the MetalCast Show. On this episode I tried to have a different hosting, with some jokes and things like that. Being strict all the time isn’t, obviously, fun at all.

    About accents, of course all of us have it, none of us are native English speakers, but as long as people understand us, it’s fine :). Plus, some people like it, find it interesting and different. Of course there might be others who don’t, but no one can please every single person. But we try to do our best, always 🙂

    Again a big thank you from the crew to all of the listeners who support us. It’s nice to have comments. A lot of people download our shows (fortunatly), but few comment them.

  3. The Mysterious Mr. X says:

    Week after week you guys kick out a better show than any one here in America is doing. Bravo!, for your consistant dedication to quality metal.
    good job marcus, you rock, everybody who hosts this show rocks as well, we love your accents and have no trouble understanding you, keep up the good work, we’re listening… and banging our heads hard as hell!

  4. TechThing says:

    Nice interview, Marcussss. 💡 Manni seems to be a sympathetic guy, indeed. Overall, another very nice episode and I’ll have to check out Mägo De Oz one of the next times I go to the shop. 😛

  5. Marcus says:

    Enjoy it guys! Great songs, great bands! Manni was really nice. Have a great Sunday. ❗ 😎

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