MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 29 – Hungarian Metal Special

23. September, 2007


This small country in the middle of Europe has more to offer than fine wine and famous inventions from the match to the ballpen, from Rubik’s Cube to the computer itself… we have great metal bands as well! From the old classics like Tormentor or Pokolgép to the new hopes like Ektomorf or Demonlord in this special of the Metal Cast we give you a varied picture of Hungary’s metal scene. Enjoy!

First song

Tormentor with Elizabeth Bathory from the album “Anno Domini”


Second song

Pokolgép with Mindhalálig Rock’n Roll from the album “Totális Metál”


Third song

Kalapács with Bűnöm a Rock from the album “Totem”


Fourth song

Tankcsapda with Nem Kell Semmi from the album “Mindenki Vár Valamit”


Fifth song

Depresszió with Nem Akarok Elszakadni from the album “Egy Életen Át”


Sixth song

Ektomorf with Fuel My Fire from the album “Outcast”


Seventh song

Bridge To Solace with the song A Culture Of Denial from the album “Where Nightmares And Dreams Unite”


Eighth song

Demonlord with Demonlord from the album “Hellforged”


Ninth song

Tűzmadár with White Lie from the album “Fények”


Episode 29 Crew

Judith – Host / Songs / Info
Marcus – Songs
Karsten – Webmaster / Director
Kobe – Shownotes…