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Episode 27 – Russian Metal Special

9. September, 2007


As impressive as the Great Steppes, deeper than the Baikal lake, colder than Siberia we bring you the metal of Dostoyevski’s land! 🙂 . We are introducing old and experienced bands as well as new and promising ones. Pagan, Power, Black, Gothic, Glam, Folk, Alternative, we got everything for your taste coming directly from Mother Russia. Enjoy it people, this was an awesome episode to be recorded, we had lots of fun and we are sure you’ll have as well.

First song

Epidemia with Рожденный для Битвы from the album “Elfijskaya Rukopis'”


Second song

Butterfly Temple with Мгновение свободы from the album “Following the sun”

butterfly temple

Third song

Flash with Twisted Metal from the album “Hot’N’Wet”

Flash - Hot’N

Fourth song

Черный Обелиск with Когда-Нибудь from the album “Kogda-Nibud'”

Chornij Obelisk - Kogda-Nibud’

Fifth song

Arkona with Zov Bitvy from the album “Во Славу Великим ! / Vo Slavu Velikim !”


Sixth song

Ария with Потерянный Рай from the album “2000 I Odna Noch”

Aria - 2000 I Odna Noch

Seventh song

Atomica with Waarom? from their dem

oAtomica - Demo

Eighth song

Pagan Reign with Праведный Бой from the album “Ydeli Biloy Veri”


Ninth song

Sopor with Burning from the album “Phlogiston Theory”

Sopor - Phlogiston Theory

Tenth song

Svartby with Skogens Ursinne from the album “Kom i Min Kittel”


Eleventh song

Amatory with Черно-белые Дни from the album “Neizbezhnost'”


Twelveth song

Rodosvet with Бойня Словена from the album “Бойня Словена”


No site

Thirteenth song

Citadel with Шторм from their unnamed album


Fourteenth song

Ashen Light with Lesnaya Carevna from the album “Pesn’ Velesa”


Fifteenth song

Тролль Гнёт Ель with Вдовья Печаль from the album “Prazdnik Pohmelyainen”

Episode 27 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster / Director
Polina – Host / Songs
Marcus – Host / SongsKobe – (had a damn hard job doing the) Shownotes