MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 269

6. April, 2013
Several strange names this time, or, lots of new stuff. Where people get those albums, I haven’t got a clue, but Kobe, Si and Marcus certainly have an “alternative” view on the market. What’s on offer? We’ve got the more melodic tunes from Saxon, Civilization One and Voodoo Circle. Next to those, you’ll hear the experimental and Progressive tunes from Ørkenkjøtt, Leprous and The Flight Of Sleipnir. Completing the list are the more aggressive tunes by Advent Sorrow, Blood Tsunami and Agrypnie. Last but not least, there ‘s a chilled out song by October Falls. Enjoy!

Host: Si

Songs: Tim, Kobe, Si, Marcus



  1. Civilisation One – The Supernatural Virtue
  2. Saxon – Guardians of the Tomb
  3. Blood Tsunami – In the Dungeon of the Rats
  4. The Flight of Sleipnir – Beneath Red Skies
  5. Advent Sorrow – A Porcelain Mistress
  6. Ørkenkjøtt – Profeten
  7. Leprous – Forced Entry
  8. Agrypnie – Trümmer / Aetas Cineris
  9. Voodoo Circle – Tears in the Rain
  10. October Falls – Boiling Heart of the North