MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 264 – Folk Metal Vol. III

12. January, 2013

“Nancy, stay off the mulled wine and announce the new episode!! No? Oh well, I suppose I’d better do it.

Greetings, mortals. Lord of Time here. At this time of year I like to gather up my loins and dance a merry folk jig around the fire. To accompany me I summon forth the Folk Metal Special Part THREE (the last part was Episode 116 back in 2009). This time we raid the sunny (?) shores of Russia, the Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Brazil and Germany to bring you the best in folk/pagan metal we can find. Prepare your fiddles and oil yer clogs to party along with Adorned Brood, Folk Stone, Kerecsen Solyom, Dalriada, Munruthel, Butterfly Temple, Svartby, Land of Fog, Izmoroz and Finsterforst! Now you’d better enjoy it – or the Lord of Time will be after yer walnuts!!!”

Nancy: **hic**

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Tim, Si, Marcus, Kobe

01. Adorned Brood – Men!
02. Folk Stone – Nebbie
03. Kerecsen Solyom – Feasting field of heroes
04. Dalriada – Napom Fenyes Napom
05. Munruthel – The eyes of abyss
06. Butterfly Temple – Светлая
07. Svartby – Morning Wood
08. Land of Fog – Scream for the gods
09. Izmoroz – Ved’ma
10. Finsterforst – Fremd