MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 263

26. November, 2012

It’s been a few weeks, indeed, since our last episode. This due to our lives becoming a bit fuller, hence having to re-arrange our time schedules. But fear not, we have not forgotten you. In this new regular episode we offer another mix of various styles from the world of metallic sounds. Starting with the German band Paragon, who seem to have found their second youth. From the North, Enslaved walks in, joined by their Swedish comrades Beardfish. Already we have a musical contrast with these first three bands and their songs. Carying on then with Dordeduh from Romania. Speaking of which, maybe we could do a Romanian Special one day, for which we of course need to find enough candidates (at least 10). Going more westwards, we’ve got Blut Aus Nord greeting us, while even farther away are the Brazilians from Soulspell, adding their touch of Progressive Power Metal. This links well with the Hard Rockers from Heaven’s Basement, who are countered in style by Beautality. Ufomammut adds the psychedelic touch and last, but not least, there’s Forgotten Silence to close off with their experimental tunes. Enjoy!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Tim, Si, Marcus, Kobe

01. Paragon – Bulletstorm
02. Enslaved – Veilburner
03. Beardfish – Voluntary Slavery
04. Dordeduh – Pandarul
05. Blut Aus Nord – Epitome XIV
06. Soulspell – Hollow’s Gathering
07. Heaven’s Basement – Fire, fire
08. Beautality – Dark Horizon
09. Ufomammut – Oroborus
10. Forgotten Silence – Fermeture de la Bouche