MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 26 – Belgian Beer Special

2. September, 2007


Westvleteren Abt 10,50%, Leffe 6,30%, Tripel Karmeliet 8%, … Oh right, this is a metal episode! Well, you can’t have a Belgian Metal Special without belgian beers! So we bring you this, conserved in a brown bottle, assortment of belgian metal bands! Axamenta, Oceans Of Sadness, Channel Zero, After All, In-Quest and a crapload of other excellent metal!


First song

After All with Ruins Of Bones from the album “This Violent Decline”

After All - This Violent Decline

Second song

Axamenta with Of Genesis And Apocalypse from the album “Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture”

Axamenta - Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture (2006)

Third song

Gorath with Sagittarius from the album “The Fourth Era”


Fourth song

In-Quest with Systematic Arhytme from the album “The Comatose Quandaries”


Fifth song

Artrach with Screenchild from the demo “…And In Fate We Rest”

Artrach - …And In Fate We Rest

Sixth song

Dedicted with The Parade Of The Depraved from the demo “The Judas Window”

Dedicted - The Judas Window

Seventh song

Crusader with I…Joan from the album “Fools”

Crusader - Fools

Eighth song

Manic Movement with Mankind’s Misanthropic Ambassador from the album “Future Dreaming Self”

Manic Movement - Future Dreaming Self

Ninth song

Oceans Of Sadness with Hope Is Gone from the album “…Send In The Clowns”

oceans of sadness - send in the clowns

Tenth song

The Difference with Dying In Vain from the album “Lost In Mass Confusion”


Eleventh song

Thurisaz with Circadian Rhythm from the album “Circadian Rhythm”


Twelvth song

Desperation with Heaven Will Die from the album “The First Battle”


Thirdteenth song

Channel Zero with Black Fuel from the album “Black Fuel”

Channel Zero - Black Fuel

Episode 26 Crew

Karsten – Director / Webmaster
Kobe – Host / Songs / Shownotes
Tim – Songs and backstage work