MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 253 – Metal Soundtracks III

30. May, 2012

Beautiful weather, great to sit outside, have a beer, see a gig, etc… or catch up with your film/movie collection. Marcus from time to time posts a blog on movies he likes, but there are of course also artists and bands who provide music to the soundtracks. We’ve made two such specials so far, the first being episode 67 (a loooong time ago ), the second one dating from October 2010 (episode 177). And now volume three is here, featuring Motörhead, Children Of Bodom, Saxon, Cradle Of Filth, Strapping Young Lad, Poison, Pantera, Morbid Angel, Slayer and Agalloch. Which movies these bands are related to, our dearest Si will tell you all about. So tune in and get inspired to check out the respective movies. Cheers!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Tim, Si, Marcus, Kobe

01. Motorhead – Locomotive
02. Children of Bodom – Needled 24/7
03. Saxon – Everybody up
04. Cradle of Filth – Her ghost in the fog
05. Strapping Young lad – Devour
06. Poison – Nothin’ but a good time
07. Pantera – Cemetary Gates
08. Morbid Angel – Enshrined by grace
09. Slayer – Bloodline
10. Agalloch – The Hawthorne Passage