MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 245

27. March, 2012
MetalCast-Episode 245

More Specials are planned, but as we don’t want to throw all our cards on the table, let’s play another regular. Next to the Thrash of Toxic Holocaust, the Black Metal of Himinbjørg, the Power Metal of Kaledon (a previously unreleased track, by the way) and Freedom Call, the Traditional Metal of Christian Mistress, the Folk of Cave Growl, the Death of Spawn Of Possession – well, it’s their style, not the band that has ceased to exist, obviously – and the Doom of Swallow The Sun (a new track) and last but not least, an oldie from Bathory, we present you the band Sa-da-Ko. Sa-da-Ko is one of the band which are on our long list of requests, which Kobe is now selecting from, starting thus with Sa-da-Ko. As usual, enjoy the sounds and leave your feedback at the usual places (website, facebook, google+, …).

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Nancy, Si, Tim, Marcus, Kobe

01. Cave Growl – Battle’s beer
02. Toxic Holocaust – Nowhere to run
03. Christian Mistress – Haunted hunted
04. Kaledon – Steel maker
05. Himinbjorg – Convictions
06. Bathory – Woman of dark desires
07. Spawn of Possession – Where angels go demons follow
08. Sa-da-kO – Change my fate
09. Freedom Call – Crimson dawn
10. Swallow the Sun – Emerald forest and the blackbird