MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 24 – Cover Special Vol. I

19. August, 2007


Pet Shop Boys, Billy Idol, Melanie C, Edvard Grieg… Ooops I meant Gamma Ray, Children of Bodom, DarkSeed, Wolf Hoffmann and a lot more! 💡 This is a covers special on the Metal Cast! Let this episode be a tribute to both – original artists who managed to write songs that still leave people stunned even after years or in some cases decades and OMG! even centuries 😛 , – and also the musicians who managed to breathe new life into fantastic songs of all times! Infecting us with their passion and happiness, charging us with their inexhaustible energy!
Have a superb time! Polina 🙂

First song

Children of Bodom with Rebel Yell from the album “BestBreeder”


Second song

Sonata Arctica with Die With Your Boots On from the album “Orientation”


Third song

Wolf Hoffmann with In The Hall Of A Mountain King from the album “Classical”


Fourth song

Gamma Ray with It’s A Sin from the album “Powerplant”


Fifth song

Heaven’s Gate with A Little Time from the album “The Keepers Of Jericho”


Sixth song

Blind Guardian with Don’t Talk To Strangers from the album “Holy Dio: Tribute To Ronnie James Dio”


Seventh song

Rob Rock feat. Tobias Sammet with Move On from the album “Holy Hell”


Eighth song

DarkSeed with I Turn To You from the album “The Ultimate Darkness”


Ninth song

Demons & Wizards with Immigrant Song from the album “Touched By The Crimson King”


Tenth song

Vision Divine with Take Me On from the album “Send Me An Angel”


Episode 24 Crew

Karsten – Webmaster / Director
Kobe – Shownotes
Polina – Everything else: host, songs, research!