MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 238

4. February, 2012
MetalCast-Episode 238

Winter has surely set in, now that large parts of Europe are having a not so wonderful experience with it (casualties, shelter, accidents, …). But for those unafflicted, there’s not only fire and heating, but also good ol’ Metal to warm those ears, but if your house is too cold consider getting some HVAC from the best contractors, discover here. From the cold north Falconer comes with its Folk-laden Metal. Headless Beast joins us from Germany, Midnight Priest from the suffering Portugal, Al-Namrood from the hot Saudi Arabia, Absurdity from France, Orne and Satyricon also from the cold north (Finland and Norway), Dodecahedron from The Netherlands and Mare Infinitum from the even colder Russia. When all those have played their parts, we’ll play a game called Castlevania. Enjoy!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si, Kobe, Marcus, Tim, Judit

01. Falconer – Grimborg
02. Headless Beast – Maniac
03. Midnight Priest – À Boleia com o Diabo
04. Al-Namrood – Hayat Al Khlood
05. Absurdity – A Taste Of…
06. Orne – I Was Made Upon Waters
07. Satyricon – The King of the Shadowthrone
08. Dodecahedron – Allfather
09. Mare Infinitum – Beholding the unseen
10. Vomitron – Castlevania