MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 232

11. December, 2011
MetalCast-Episode 232

The days are shorter, the temperatures are lower… frost is setting in. But there’s not only fire to warm you to, we’ve got another load of tunes to warm your ears to. The German Heavy/Power Metal band Iron Savior is back, indeed. The American Progressive band Cynic also released new material recently, as did the Italians from Ancient Bards. Our dear Si found two bands for you extreme Metal lovers: Infestus and Wold. While Marcus added LantlĂ´s and Thy Catafalque. Judit travelled to Sweden where she found Royal Jester, a new Power Metal formation and last, we have Polina who came back from The Netherlands and Australia with Nemesea and Elm Street. On the menu: Black, Avantgarde, Heavy, Power and Gothic. Enjoy!

Hosting: Kobina
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Kobe, Marcus, Tim, Si

01. Ancient Bards – Gates Of Noland
02. Nemesea – Rush
03. Elm Street – Barbed Wire Metal
04. Wold – The Wind Shall Carry Her Message
05. Iron Savior – Starlight
06. Lantlos – Bliss
07. Royal Jester – If You Were Mine
08. Infestus – Down Spiral Depersonification
09. Cynic – Box Up My Bones
10. Thy Catafalque – Fekete Mezok