MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 221 – Arthemis

25. September, 2011

New weekend, new load of Metal. We’ve got recent material from Edguy, who released Age Of The Joker three years after their last output. Then there’s the Folk/Power Metal of Falconer, the Progressive Death of Stone Cirle, the raw Black Metal of the Germans from Endstille and Sinner’s Hard Rock. Rounding off is done by Cobalt, also active in the Black Metal league as well as Wolves in the Throne Room, the Hard Rockers from Burn, the Italians Thrash band Arthemis and the Thy Catafalque’s Avantgarde view on the music. In addition, Polina managed to put a microphone under the noses of Arthemis, so tune in hear more about these guys. But most of all, we hope you enjoy the tunes. Cheers!

Hosting: Kobe
Tracklist: Judit, Tim, Si, Marcus

Interview: Polina

01. Edguy – Nobody’s Hero
02. Falconer – Griftefrid
03. Endstille – Trenchgoat
04. Cobalt – Pregnant Insect
05. Wolves In The Throne Room – Woodland Cathedral
06. Sinner – The One You Left Behind
07. Arthemis – Vortex
08. Thy Catafalque – Esolampas
09. Burn – Shadow Of The Satellites
10. Stone Circle – A Missing Star