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Episode 220 – Lifelover

17. September, 2011
MetalCast Episode 220

This episode is a small tribute to Jonas Berqvist aka B from Lifelover, who passed away recently. Which means the tracklist will be dominated by Lifelover tracks, one off each album the band put out. The rest comes from new releases by bands like the German Powerwolf, the Australian Ilium, the Italian Arthemis, the German Kromlek and the Finnish Ghost Brigade. Style-wise it all ranges from Black Metal over Thrash Metal to Power Metal. Enjoy this new load and as usual, feedback is welcome at the usual places.

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Judit, Tim, Si, Marcus

01. Powerwolf – Sanctified by dynamite
02. Kromlek – Nekropolis Fall
03. Arthemis – This is revolution
04. Ghost Brigade – Clawmaster
05. Ilium – Littoria
06. Lifelover – En Sang Om Dig
07. Lifelover – Välkommen Till Pulvercity
08. Lifelover – Twitch
09. Lifelover – Lethargy
10. Lifelover – Doften av tomhet