MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 217 – Italian Metal

28. August, 2011

Italy, the land of pasta, pizza, olives, Berlusconi, the Colosseum, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati, and more. But foremost, great Metal bands. So, in our next Nation Special we decided to make a trip to the boot of Europe, where we found enough bands to fill this episode. Progressive, Power, Death, Gothic, Black, … The Italians are also active in several genres. Flashback Of Anger, Theatres Des Vampires (yes, a French name), Rhapsody Of Fire, DGM, Opera IX, Dysthemia and more are the lucky ones to present you their skills. And one of them even has Italian lyrics. So tune in and enjoy your dish while doing so. 😀

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Tim, Si, Judit, Marcus

01. Rhapsody – March of the Swordmaster
02. Flashback of Anger – Time can answer
03. Dysthymia – Slow movements
04. In Tormentata Quiete – La Danza del Fuoco
05. Theatres des Vampires – Keeper of secrets
06. Opera IX – The Serpent’s Nemeton
07. DGM – No looking back
08. Elvenking – Another awful hob’s tale
09. Fleshgod Apocalypse – As tyrants fall
10. No Gravity – I can’t dream anymore