MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 215 – International Special

14. August, 2011
MetalCast Episode 215

In all those year we have presented you bands from practically all over the world, in various episodes: regular and specials (nation, books, genre, or other). And since Metal is a kind of music that knows no boundaries, especially nation-wise, we made this International Special. What’s different? Bands that sing in their native language. Spanish, French, English, Italian, Finnish, etc… etc…. the examples are legio, but it doesn’t mean they are easy to track down or rather, their music. But we managed and as a first episode in this context, there’s known and unknown stuff, but definitely worth checking out. So tune in and enjoy the linguistic variety. 😎

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Tim, Si, Marcus

01. Blaze Bayley – Madness and sorrow
02. Dragonauta – Arcana Premonicion
03. Bann – Narrenschyff
04. Dalriada – Hajdutanc
05. Darkness over depth – Gone with the mist
06. Woodscream – Chernaya Smert
07. Manigance – Larme de l’Univers
08. Inquisitor – The end of certainty: Supremum
09. Aphangak – Somos la Muerte
10. Ulcerate – Martyr of the Soil