Episode 207 – Bloodstock 2011

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MetalCast Episode 207

The Bloodstock festival is due again soon. Like in previous years a massive list of bands has been booked to provide you with another diverse, brutal, melodic, and entertaining experience. Be that At The Gates, Devin Townsend Project, Exodus, Morbid Angel, Forbidden, Therion, Rhapsody Of Fire or even the new and hyped band Amaranthe, or perhaps the NWOBHM veterans Angel Witch, you’re in for a treat. No doubt about that. As usual, we would like to give you a pre-taste of what to expect. Hence the addition of, for example, Lawnmower Deth, Angel Witch, Wolf, Motörhead, Napalm Death and yes, even a new track from Morbid Angel. So tune in and get ready for the festival season. Cheers!

Hosting: Polina & Kobe
Tracklist: Kobe, Marcus, Tim, Si

01. Motorhead – I know how to die
02. Therion – Unguentum Sabati
03. Wolf – Vicious companions
04. Napalm Death – Work to rule
05. Amaranthe – 1000000 Lightyears
06. Lawnnmower Deth – Seventh Church jadajadajada
07. Morbid Angel – Nevermore
08. Rhapsody Of Fire – Tornado
09. Devin Townsend – Addicted!
10. Angel Witch – Angel Witch

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  1. Blake says:

    Can’t wait for Bloodstock :D:D:D:D

  2. Doragon Pawa says:

    Great episode of Metalcast as always 🙂

    Wished Amaranth didn’t have those growling vocals… way too much of them sound similar but meh I hate those things (T_T)

  3. Ian says:

    Been looking for something like your podcast for a while now. 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

  4. James Smith says:

    Brilliant episode guys, great hosting Polina & Kobe.
    I loved the Lawnmower Deth and Napalm Death tracks, and it was good to hear Motorhead as i haven’t heard them for quite a long time.
    Also Si, I wondered where my CD went, lol 🙂

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