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Episode 206 – Cruachan

24. May, 2011
MetalCast Episode 206

In the past it seemed Marcus had a patent on finding obscure and very underground bands, which after a while gained a broader fanbase and so on and got signed by known labels. But the longer our new host Si is in service, the more he seems a tough competitor for Marcus’s input. Or better, he complements our Brazilian warlord. Newest examples are the French band Belenos, the Russian formation Butterfly Temple, Northern Oak from the UK and Dibbukim from Sweden. The Irish Folk Metallers Cruachan recently put out a new album, “Blood On The Black Robe”, and Marcus got in touch with the band for an interview. Completing the list are Swashbuckle, Golden Resurrection, Visions Of Atlantis, Eden’s Curse and the Doom Metal of Sleep. So, once more, a pretty diverse collage with an emphasis on Folk/Pagan influences.

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Kobe, Judit, Marcus, Tim, Si
Interview: Marcus

01. Swashbuckle – We are the storm
02. Visions of Atlantis – Black river delta
03. Dibbukim – Der Rodmakher
04. Belenos – Tal Ifern
05. Cruachan – Primeval Odium
06. Northern Oak – In these hills
07. Butterfly Temple – Sunrise
08. Eden’s Curse – No holy man
09. Sleep – Dragonaut
10. Golden Resurrection – Golden flames