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Episode 201

17. April, 2011
MetalCast Episode 201

Episode 200 is over, past us, done. The mark has been reached and crossed now with episode 201! Yes, we carry on… towards no. 500, although that’s still a bit far away, of course. What do we have in store today? The same as usual: Heavy, Doom, Power, Black, Post and so on. Our search for new material led us to bands like Doomsword, A Very old Ghost Behind The Farm, Magion, Seven Days Remain, Bloodbound and Subrosa. A few weeks ago, our dearest Si, stalked and chased by Russian snipers since the last episode, managed to have an interview with Power Quest, as they just released a new album called “Blood Alliance”. Power Quest itself is obviously also featured with a new song. So tune in, enjoy and let us know your opinion at the usual place(s).

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Polina, Tim, Si, Kobe

01. Seven Days Remain – Leaving this life
02. Doomsword – Varusschlacht
03. U.D.O. – Leatherhead
04. A Very Old Ghost Behind the farm – A possessed man
05. Magion – War of hearts
06. Bloodbound – Reflections of evil
07. Power Quest – Rising Anew
08. Intronaut – Miasma
09. Watain – Reaping death
10. Subrosa – Beneath the crown