MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 196

12. March, 2011
MetalCast Episode 196

And we’ve got another regular this time, with a nice balance between extreme stuff and more listenable songs. Several bands have so far brought out new material: Destruction, Shakra, Degradation, Sequester, Lifelover, etc… Of course Europe is taking the lion’s share again, for obvious reasons. If American (incl. South), Canadian, Asian or even Australian bands don’t have their release(s) made available in Europe or by other means, then we cannot play them. We would love to shift our focus on bands outside of Europe and each of them can always contact us to be played. But I guess you’ll agree that Europe still has a lot to offer, in various genres. To counter we added a few bands from across the Atlantic. In any case, even your suggestions are still very welcome if it helps to broaden and diversify the playlist. Keep on rocking and stay tuned.

Hosting: Polina
Tracklist: Judit, Si, Tim, Marcus

01. Degradation – The Reckoning
02. Destruction – Sorcerer Of Black Magic
03. Ghost – Con Clavi Con Dio
04. Icewind – Oh Winter Morning
05. Lifelover – Svart Galla
06. Vörgus – Hellfueled Satanic Action
07. Sequester – Taunted by fate’s mirage
08. Shakra – Back On Track
09. Sabbat – Total Destruction
10. Thyrfing – Hels Vite