MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 194 – Martin Walkyier

27. February, 2011

We’ve had band specials in the past and a few artist/musician specials, but our latest addition to the crew, aka Si Smith, seems to be a big Martin Walkyier fan. You might know him from bands like Sabbat, Skyclad, The Clan Destined and Hell, but also from guest appearances for, for example, Suidakra, Skilltron, Cradle of Filth and so on. in addition, Si had the pleasure and honour to have a chat with mr. Walkyier, so you not only get an overview of Martin’s career, he will even tell you about it. So tune in, enjoy and when done, please leave your feedback at the usual places. Cheers!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si
Interview: Si

01. The Clan Destined – Devil for a day
02. Sabbat – A cautionary tale
03. Cradle of Filth – For those who died
04. Sabbat – The Clerical Conspiracy
05. Skyclad – The Declaration of Indifference
06. Skiltron – Spinning Jenny
07. Suidakra – The one-piece puzzle
08. Skyclad – The thread of evermore
09. Elvenking – The penny dreadful
10. The Clan Destined – Beautiful start to the end of the world