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Episode 191 – Primitive Graven Image

6. February, 2011
MetalCast Episode 191

2011 is a good month old and already there’s quality material available. In this new, regular episode we’ve got Onslaught, Artas, Meadows End, Mr. Scarecrow and Scorner who already put out something this year. But fear not, the rest of the playlist is filled with material from last year, like Atheist, which, according to Kobe, should have been featured in one of our two Best Of episodes. But better later than not. EP 191 is also an aggressive and destructive one, judging by the kinds of bands and genres. An excellent way to bang the head that doesn’t bang and get energized for the flood of releases that’s yet to come.

Hosting: Polina, Kobe
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Si, Marcus, Kobe, Tim
Interview: Si

01. Meadows End – Homeland
02. Onslaught – Rest In Pieces
03. Trick Or Treat – Loser Song
04. Scorner – Dark Passenger
05. Primitive Graven Image – A Gruesome Relic Of Death And Decay
06. Wizards – I remember
07. Artas – Fortress Of No Hope
08. Atheist – Faux King Christ
09. Lemuria – A Coming Storm
10. Mr. Scarecrow – I’ve Been To The Mountaintop