Episode 190 – Anime Metal Soundtracks

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MetalCast Episode 190

From India we fly directly to Japan for the Anime Metal Soundtrack episode. Since all bands featured on this episode are from Japan, you might as well consider this another Nation Special. But it’s not that, as the focus lies on Anime, Japanese animation. This is found in comics, cartoons, films and yes, even music. Maybe not specifically under the term Metal, rather J-Rock. Our master host Kobe, coincidentally a Japanese name :P, suggested this specific Special. Having Naruto and Bleach in his collection, it is a start. Our dearest Marcusss and Si also contributed to the playlist. As usual, enjoy this trip into the unknown (depending on your knowledge).

Hosting: Kobe
Tracklist: Si, Marcus, Kobe

01. Eizo Japan – Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
02. High And Mighty Color – Ichirin no Hana
03. Aikaryu – Ryunen on the Contrary
04. Detroit Metal City – Death Penis
05. Unlucky Morpheus – Next Season
06. Eizo Sakamoto – Akiramenai
07. Sex Machineguns – Mikan no Uta
08. Asriel – Metamorphose
09. Animetal – Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze
10. Takanashi Yasuharu – Kenkonitteki
11. Takanashi Yasuharu – Keisei Gyakuten

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  1. peas_and_corn says:

    As a fan of Power Rangers/Super Sentai fan I loved the first song… Shinkenger being an amazing season for the franchise (which is currently airing its 35th season! Crazy). Does Eizo Japan do covers of other Super Sentai seasons? I certainly would love to get a metal cover of the Go Onger theme!

  2. Vale says:

    Haikara and Machineguns in one special, you guys are good.

  3. Victor Puga says:

    Great special episode, I really liked the metal version of EVANGELION main theme, its one of my favorite anime.
    I wish you had included music from DEATH NOTE, another great series with some metal songs.
    Greetings from Mexico…

  4. Si Smith says:

    Well, I’m singing along…..no idea what the hell is coming out of my mouth, but it sounds great!! Great work Kobe and a great suggestion!

  5. Marcus says:

    Yeah! 😀


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