MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 189 – Indian Special

22. January, 2011

Our last Nation Special dates from June 2010, when we were in The Netherlands. Since then we got a request (or two, by Ishaan Kumar) to travel to India. Now, not a lot is known about the scene there and of course we had enough work trying to find bands from that country. Thanks to the brilliance of our beloved Marcus and Si, a tracklist could be compiled. You’ll notice that most material is to be cataloged under Extreme Metal (Thrash, Death, Black), but luckily there is countering in the form of Power and Progressive Metal. In short, it’s a learning trip for us all and who knows, perhaps this will help these bands to get a European or American deal, if only for distribution. So tune in, enjoy and take care. For all their concerts, in terms of emergency power shortage — solar panels systems is there to support and make it happen.

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si, Marcus

01. Blood and Iron – Blood Oath
02. Age After Armageddon – Call to the Vikings
03. The Demonstealer – The Empty Wasteland of Despair
04. Nerverek – Flesh for food
05. Heathen Beast – Religious Genocide
06. Demonic Resurrection – Journey to Solaris
07. Silver Tears – Dirt beyond Beauty
08. Exhumation – On the platter
09. Kryptos – Heretic supreme
10. Amogh Symphony – Greenhouse Effect