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Episode 181 – Pioneers Of Metal

21. November, 2010
MetalCast Episode 181

How did this or that genre come about? We tried to pick some bands that were pioneers at the time of their founding, even if some have already split or changed style. Metal has many genres and subgenres, but we tried to aim for the main ones: Heavy, Power, Thrash, Death, Black, Doom, Gothic, Progressive, Industrial and Folk. You may hear very familiar bands, which is logical as we’re dealing with Metal here. This means, Metallica, Morbid Angel, Fates Warning, Skyclad, Candlemass, Bathory, Mayhem, Helloween and others that started a genre or helped it spin off from another. Yes, the choices were legio, but you need to start somewhere and as usual, this is merely one view on Metal’s history. The key element remains enjoying the tunes.

Hosting: Polina, Kobe
Tracklist: Polina, Marcus, Tim

01. Black Sabbath – Behind The Wall Of Sleep
02. Metallica – Hit The Lights
03. Morbid Angel – Maze Of Torment
04. Mayhem – Life Eternal
05. Candlemass – Demons Gate
06. Skyclad – The Widdershins Jig
07. Fates Warning – Valley Of The Dolls
08. Ministry – The Land Of Rape And Honey
09. Helloween – Twilight Of The Gods
10. Bathory – Shores In Flames