MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 178

31. October, 2010
MetalCast Episode 178

And we’re back to normal. Even though Marcus is taking a break and you’re all worrying about a possible lack of extreme Metal, newcomer Si is happy to keep that style in the playlist with Myrkgrav and Winterfylleth. But it must be said that Kobe and Tim also offered something on that front with Enslaved and Fatal Injury, for example. It’s been four years, but the Progressive Power Metallers from Angra have returned with a new album, Aqua. The sailors of The Vision Bleak also entered the MetalCast harbour. To know what else is played on shore, hit the Play button to know what to expand your collection with.

Hosting: Polina
Tracklist: Polina, Kobe, Tim, Si

01. Fatal Injury – Inert Existance
02. Enslaved – The Beacon
03. Angra – Awake From Darkness
04. Achilla – Arashi
05. Myrkgrav – Tre Skygger Tel Kølabrennern Kom
06. The Vision Bleak – Descend Into Maelstrom
07. Kathaarsys – Pesadelo, transicion, evolucion, constatacion reiterada
08. Winterfylleth – A Valley Thick With Oaks
09. Powerstroke – A Better Man
10. Lysergene – Shock Treatment