Episode 175 – Summerian / Middle-Eastern

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MetalCast Episode 175

This very special Special was requested mainly by one of our listeners called Lorenzo Garbanzo. As you could expect, the only one capable of assembling the material was our dearest Marcus, who sadly left the crew recently, though for a temporary period. Let it be clear that this episode contains bands most of us never heard of (as usual with Marcus’s material ;-), and that’s meant in a positive way, should you wonder) and is at the same time another valuable lesson for each of us and you in our never-ending quest for Metal in all its forms. So enjoy this exotic trip and do leave your feedback at the usual places. Cheers!

Hosting: Kobe
Tracklist: Marcus
Requested by Lorenzo Garbanzo

01. Orphaned Land – The Path Part 2 – The Pilgrimage to Or Shalem
02. Arallu – Possessor Of The Code
03. Magus Noctum – The Fall of Sumeria
04. Melechesh – Ladders to Sumeria
05. Darkestrah – Inner Voice
06. Al-Namrood – Estorat Taghoot
07. Absu – Apzu
08. Narjahanam – Huroob Al Zaman Al Akheer
09. Blood of Kingu – Your Blood, Nubia! Your Power, Egypt!
10. Karl Sanders – Of the Sleep of Ishtar

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  1. Oli says:

    Great episode, as usual. If you ever do another Summerian/Middle-Eastern special, consider a Death/Doom band called Bilocate that comes from Jordan. Their album “Sudden Death Syndrome” is very interesting and worth checking out!

  2. Si Smith says:

    Great collection of tracks Marcus!

  3. Nadia says:

    To be honest, i’ve lived all my life in the middle east and it never crossed my mind the possibility that extreme metal can be produced from here! until i started listening to orphaned land then this podcast was created! 😀

  4. Polina says:

    Thanks a lot for Karl Sanders’ song, Marcus! I enjoyed it so much! 🙂

  5. Si Smith says:

    nice cover pic!!

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