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Episode 168 – Melodic Death Metal II

31. July, 2010
MetalCast Episode 168

Several months ago we got the request from a certain Marc J. for a second Melodic Death Metal Special. The first one being episode dates back to the summer of 2007, but since then we’ve played many Melodic Death Metal songs, from both big names and less big names. As usual, we looked around to see what in our collections could fit the bill and we did find interesting material. Indeed, you cannot avoid the big bands like Amon Amarth, Into Eternity, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, and more – well, we did ignore the last three in favour of less known bands – to create a nice mixture of old and new. Old as in bands that have been around since a long time and new as in bands that are to continue the legacy, so to speak. So tune in, enjoy and don’t hesitate to leave your feedback.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Kobe

01. Kalmah – Godeye
01. Requiem Laus – Perfect World
01. To Hate – Step Of Truth
01. Into Eternity – Splintered Visions
01. At The Gates – Suicide Nation
01. Mors Principium Est – Altered State Consciousness
01. Red Descending – The Grand Memory
01. The Duskfall – Tune of Slaughtered Hearts
01. Amon Amarth – No Fear For The Setting Sun
01. Equilibrium – Snüffel

Link: Melodic Death Metal Special I