MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 166

18. July, 2010

MetalCast Episode 166We’re back in the studio this time as opposed to the live songs previously. 2010 is halfway and many good releases have been thrown on the market so far, which makes it hard to pick a favourite or which to add to your collection and which not. Today’s episode promises to be rather heavy and extreme, countered here and there with Power Metal or shall we call it a melodic touch? The majority of the material dates from this very year and comes from Canada, Norway, Brazil, Italy, Chile and Sweden. As usual, nothing but quality selections can be expected. So open your ears and learn about bands you might not have yet in your collection.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Polina, Judit, Kobe

01. Ihsahn – Frozen Lakes On Mars
02. Sodom – Incest
03. Korzus – Evolution
04. Darkthrone – Black Mountain Totem
05. Inferis – Arauco
06. Kreator – Catholic Despot
07. Kaledon – Power In Me
08. Necronomicon – Into The Fire
09. Sabaton – Coat of Arms
10. Borknagar – For a Thousand Years to Come