MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 152 – Tobias Sammet

7. April, 2010

MetalCast Episode 152Avantasia recently released two albums, The Wicked Symphony and Angel Of Babylon. They are parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy that was started with The Scarecrow. Once again Tobi saved neither cost nor effort to create something extraordinary… depending how you look at it. In that context our beloved Polina had a word or two (or more) with the man himself and if it wasn’t for the time-limit they could have gone on for a few hours more. Musically you’ll get nothing but Tobi material: from Edguy over collaborations to his biggest project, Avantasia. And yes, it’s Polina herself who will tell you all about it.

Host: Polina
Tracklist: Polina
Interview: Polina 😮

01. Edguy – Judas at the Opera
02. Avantasia – Stargazers
03. Aina – Flight of Torek
04. Hartmann – Brothers
05. Ayreon – Elected
06. Avantasia – Scales of Justice
07. Bruce Kulick – I’m the Animal
08. Shaaman – Pride
09. Edguy – Falling Down
10. Avantasia – Avantasia