MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 132

31. October, 2009

MetalCast Episode 132As it’s the period of Halloween, sadly commercialised since many years, we had planned an episode in this context. But since our collections lack the required material, we were forced to create a different kind of episode or in short, the sort of mix you have been getting from us since the beginning. Again you will be offered a dish with varied ingredients, from sweet over spicy to … well, an abundance of flavours. And we didn’t solely pick songs from European bands, as we looked a bit farther. United Arab Emirates to be precise, with Nervecell representing its country, and Japan, where Marcus looked for songs. He also got you another movie review. Enjoy and have a great Halloween..

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Kobe, Judith
Movie of the Week: Marcus

01. Nervecell – Flesh & Memories
02. Abigail – A Witch Named Aspilcuetta
03. Bassinvaders – We Live
04. Warmen – Eye Of The Storm
05. Into Eternity – Tides Of Blood
06. Korpiklaani – Vodka
07. Karuna – Neitherworld
08. Sabbat – Demonic Serenade + Brothers of Demons
09. Gojira – Space Time
10. Sigh – The Zombie Terror

Movie of the Week: ZOMBIE STRIPPERSBuy at Amazon